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Young Visions IVLE demo Library - Featured

Introducing Interactive Visual Learning Experiences from our demo library.


 First things first, it's important to stress that not all these experiences are best viewed in VR. VR is still very much a developing industry and many features aren't yet compatible with this format. We've set big goals for ourselves at Young Visions and whilst these experiences explore a more immersive and interactive learning platform, we believe that with the deeper integration of new immersive technologies and the power they hold, that we can attain the highest sense of presence akin only to 'being there'.


What we bring forward today is just a drop in the ocean, as alongside innovations with our narrative-based experiences which we use for our PSHE Education workshops, we are exploring how we can enhance our IVLE's further and faster. Here you can see a mix of bespoke and general demonstrations, available to view in Virtual Reality and on any smartphone, tablet and computer - Best enjoyed in full screen and landscape mode.

For more on our library of Demo's or to explore creating your own bespoke IVLE you can reach out to us here


*Disclaimer: Some features not available in VR. In rare circumstances some viewers may experience dizziness and motion sickness while in VR. All experiences are hosted by a third-party over which we have no control. Whilst we do check all external content accessed via an IVLE Young Visions is not responsible for content or advertisements on external web links. Experiences available through our website may change at any time


Where you see this icon, you may find your best experience in VR

Available on all devices to view in VR please open this website in your device browser

Religious Education


Produced with KS2 and KS3 revision in mind this Interactive piece covers topics including the Eucharist, and Baptism.

This experience contains the Young Visions Gaming Suite (Not available in VR) for you to have fun while you learn about RE.

Climate Crisis

Cop26 may be over but the "climate crisis" isn't, the learning should continue and the positive action must intensify. 

Suitable for all age groups this highly interactive IVLE features interactive pieces from NASA and a powerful animation made for children in need.


While we highly recommend you check out the the mesmerising coral sea in VR, this IVLE is best experienced on a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Forensic Science - Sexual Assault

TRIGGER WARNING: This IVLE contains themes which may cause distress


With content provided by accredited forensic science specialists this was one of 3 experiences produced to demonstrate how this method could be used to teach University students studying from home. Topics covered included sexual assault, Burglary, and Drugs Overdose

Shackleton's Expeditions


This IVLE for Sir Ernest Shackleton and Shackleton's Hut, contains opportunities to participate in a live quiz and to learn more about the Arctic Explorer and his expeditions. With practical applications across multiple learning outcomes within multiple schemes of work and suitability for Key Stages 1,2 and 3.

Corn Fields


Suitable for Primary aged children this IVLE on Corn looks at the workings of a corn field and explores production and manufacturing as well as the variations of corn

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