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A brief message from our founder

To all teaching staff of every level; to students of every age; to support staff; to parents - wow, what a year!

Well done, Rest

image by Gerd Altman from Pixabay

It's time to say goodbye so I just want to take a moment, as another academic year comes to an end, to salute you and say congratulations.

In what has probably been the most challenging year for all of you, you have been amazing! Students, how did you do it?!

Teachers and staff, how did you manage it?!

Parents, how did you cope?!

Even if you didn't, you should be immensely proud - you've got through it.

I know many children will want to still be at school - after already having your learning severely disrupted; Many teachers and staff will be relieved - you can take a breath and relax; and Parents, I understand some of you are filled with dread about how you will get through the holidays with the kids home again - but you will make it through!

Relax, enjoy time with those you love, and have fun!

Congratulations and thank you on behalf of Young Visions.

Youth workers, community workers, and social workers across the country will now continue to step up to provide activities and support to children and families of all backgrounds. We thank you and salute you too.

One love, peace, and strength to all!

S x

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