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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The below IVLE will be removed from this blog on Wednesday 20th October 2021

From today Young Visions starts to make available our first non-tailored market-ready Interactive Visual Learning Experiences. First we introduce the Young Visions IVLE for Sir Ernest Shackleton and Shackleton's Hut, with opportunities to participate in a live quiz and learn more about the Arctic Explorer and his expeditions. With practical applications across multiple learning outcomes within multiple schemes of work and suitability for Key Stages 1,2 and 3, this immersive and interactive experience will enhance the learning experience for all users

This feels like a milestone day in the journey of Young Visions, and in particular my own personal journey. What seemed impossible for me just a short time ago has now started to become possible. Without trying to take the tone down, but with an eye firmly on my own reality, this moment feels like it’s either the end of the beginning for Young Visions, or the beginning of the end.

I’m not calling this the first generation of our Interactive Visual Learning Experiences, mainly because my dreams, my ambitions, my vision goes much, much further than what Young Visions is releasing today. Instead I’m calling this – “Generation Upstart”. Should this be just the beginning of my dreams becoming my only reality, and should Young Visions receive the backing our mission requires, then I can pledge and promise you this –

Through Young Visions,

I will contribute to a revolution in Education increasing the use of immersive technologies in schools;

I will continue to promote the evolution of our education system to better cater to all learning styles;

I will enhance and integrate Young Visions VR Experiences with all the emerging technologies and tools;

I will reduce the burdens on teaching staff and enhance the learning experience for students; And,

I will position Young Visions to become the leading content creator of mixed reality content for Education.

It is important to note though that these are still early days for VR in the mainstream – let alone in Education. My vision, which perhaps I’ll speak more openly about in the future, consists of the full integration of all immersive technologies alongside all the best interactive learning tools.

For those who remember what brought me onto this path in the first place - such as my desire to equip young people with the empowerment tools to make better informed decisions as they transition into adulthood, through developing VR360° workshops for PSHE Education - Young Visions isn’t moving away from this. I am a qualified youth worker after all and I’ll be looking at how I can implement my learning on our IVLE’s to enhance the experiences used for the workshops.

All being well I’ll be publishing much more information and content previews over the coming days, weeks and months, as I continue to pray and strive for the outcomes I desire. Not only helping myself to progress in life, but anyone else who comes into contact with Young Visions resources. I’m proud to have gotten this far essentially self-educated, probably best demonstrated by my grammar; and by training myself on how to possibly pull this off, all while still tackling my own struggles which I’m not ashamed to say you can follow on my social media.

For now I’ll just say good evening and I hope you enjoy Young Visions’ first Interactive Visual Learning Experience.


Contact us for information if you would like this IVLE tailored to your centre’s own learning needs.

Available to view on all VR devices and in non-VR via any smartphone, connected TV, tablet or computer

Edit 21/10/21 Image below has replaced the full interactive experience

Disclaimer: Not all features available on all devices. Some features not available in VR mode. In rare circumstances some viewers may experience dizziness and motion sickness while in VR. All experiences are hosted by a third-party over which we have no control. Whilst we do check all external content accessed via an IVLE, Young Visions is not responsible for content or advertisements on external web links.

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